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Maintaining your car and keeping it up and running can be extremely difficult for a host of different reasons. Whether you are extremely busy and you just don’t have the time, or you struggle to do it alone – Our auto repair team has got your back.

But why choose our auto service, and why are we so certain that we can offer you the best repairs in your area? From our vast array of services and our dedication to making sure your car performance is the best it can be, we are confident you will fall in love with our business.

Read in to see exactly why we are so confident in our business and what vehicular services we can offer you today!


Why Choose our Auto Repair Service?

When it comes to auto repair, fewer services offer quite a high level of expertise as we can. Whether that’s through our friendly customer service or if it’s the years of experience our maintenance team has under their belt – we can assure you the best service and auto repairs you can get.

We’re readily available for a chat or an appointment, so please contact us today! We’ll be sure to find an affordable and professional fix for any of your vehicle’s issues.

Our certified technicians are some of the best trained and most experienced in the business. Our employees receive regularly updated training, so they’re always caught up with the latest in new automotive equipment and the newest car models.

We are also a bodyshop, with certified bodywork specialists that can perform everything from paintwork top ups to collision repairs.

Types of Services We Offer

If you are looking for the right way to maintain your car, our service will cover most, if not all, your maintenance needs. But what exactly do we offer? Below you will find a breakdown of just a few of the automotive services we can provide.


Car Maintenance

Maintaining your car is one of the best ways you can be sure it runs for as long as it can, which is why we can ensure top-quality service. From an oil change to checking your engine and transmission, our certified shop will keep your vehicle running for many road trips to come.

A well-looked-after vehicle can make your day-to-day family life a breeze so maintenance must be done right. With potential issues such as failing your warranty test or expensive repairs down the line arising due to poor vehicle care.

Give us a call on (212) 629-1028 or visit the local Midtown Center Auto Repair shop to give your vehicle the care and help it needs.

Body Repair Shop

If you are unfortunate enough to be in an accident, then worry no more as our highly recommended shops can fix most repairs for you. We cover most vehicle repairs such as collision repair our auto body repair and ensure that the job is done right!

Here at Midtown Center Auto Repair, we ensure the customer and their vehicle is put first, therefore, all parts of your vehicle will be maintained – from the engine to the chassis. Our professional team will use every tool they can and work the hours necessary for you to be happy with the service of your vehicle.

No matter the miles on your meter, we are proud to offer the best vehicle service that we can today!


Often overlooked in place of transmission and engine repairs, the tires of your car are easily amongst the most important components of your vehicle. With good tires lasting thousands of miles, the great team at Midtown Center Auto Repair is dedicated to ensuring each tire will last you for a long while yet.

Installing new tires is not all we offer, however, as we can realign your current tires as well as maintain your existing ones where possible. Our 24 hours of roadside service can travel to your location and get you back on the road in no time.

So whether it’s a full tire replacement or just a simple readjustment of your current ones, the price we offer is low and the service is unbeatable!

If you are looking to book an appointment or you just want to inquire about our service, then questions are always welcome. We are but a phone call away on (212) 629-1028 so don’t waste your energy searching for an auto mechanic near me, call our phone line today!

Midtown Center Auto Repair in New York offers a Great service at an Affordable Rate. We Pride Ourselves in Offering Certified Car Repair services around NYC.