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If your automotive has sustained scratches or dents due to a collision, regardless of whether it’s a private or family vehicle; we at Midtown City Auto Repair have got you covered. Putting customer satisfaction and excellent service before everything else, our best auto body shop can offer you the experience you desire.

So whether you are looking for a windshield replacement or to fix hail marks in your hood, be sure to read on to see what our mechanical team can offer you today!

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Our Auto body shop service in Manhattan, New York

Car Body Work We Can Fix around New York

From luxury cars to more commercial rides, we can offer auto body repairs and a full service to them all. So whether you are fixing your car up for work, or your privately owned vehicle has broken down, our family-owned auto body shop is there for you.

Commercial and Private Vehicles

As all our technicians are ASE certified mechanics, you can be assured that your ride will be taken care of. Thanks to years of experience and incredible training, our technicians put the customer and their cars first. This means that the auto collision repair service we offer is amongst the best available, anywhere!

Due to our links with Black Car Rental NYC, while your taxi is in for service, we can offer you a TLC black car to rent. Meaning you no longer have to slow your business down and wait around for any fixes, our rental cars will get you through the day.

Whether you are looking for a personal service for your shared car, or you are after the best customer service in New York City, our auto body shops in New York you covered.

Types of Body Repair We Offer

But what types of body repair services can our highly trained auto body shops offer you? Due to our mechanics’ state-of-the-art training, our service is uncompromising. From your typical auto collision repair to a more specialist glass replacement, below you will find a breakdown of the services we can offer.

Hail Damage Repairs

Easily a contender for the most frustrating element of a winter’s day is it’s potential to hail and ruin the paintwork on your car. Larger hail is even known to dent your car, which can massively ruin its look. Thankfully, our great customer service and automotive repair facility will ensure that your ride is looking like it’s fresh out of the showroom.

Using specialist mechanical tools, we can remove dents from our customer’s vehicles in a few hours. Chipped paint and dented detailing can ruin your car’s overall look, so removing dents sooner than later is highly recommended.

Paintless Dent Repairs

If you are unfortunately caught in an auto collision accident, your automotive may suffer large dents due to the force of the contact. Luckily, we can fix dents found on the exterior of your ride using a trusted method.

By using paintless dent repair, we can reshape your car’s outer panel and remove the dents from its surface. This professional method will save time and money, so you don’t need to pay a premium price for a full paint job.

Our high-quality auto body repair shop can push the exterior back into place using specialist expert tools. If you ever need to fix such damage from a collision, be sure to visit one of our best auto body shops in New York today.

Auto Glass Repair

Perhaps one of the most common damages to occur during a collision is a broken or cracked window. No matter how good or durable your window may be, a powerful collision will provide enough force to crack even the sturdiest of ones. Our on-location team will be able to repair or replace a broken window for you.

We will always try repairing the glass if possible before replacing your window so you can pay less, providing the collision sustained isn’t too severe. If a fix isn’t possible then we may need to install a replacement. You can be sure though that everything will be great as we are dedicated to providing excellent customer satisfaction.

Midtown Center Auto Repair in New York offers Auto Body Work at an Affordable Rate. We Pride Ourselves in Offering Certified Car Repair services around NYC. Call us for Auto Body Work Estimates!