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We all know that life in New York is about as hectic as it gets. The last thing you need is an accident happening to your car. However, if this does happen, the least you can do is find yourself a good repair shop that can do your auto body work for you.

Here at Midtown Center, we offer the best auto repair work that you’ll come across in the area. Whether a minor scratch to the paint has been suffered, or a major collision has occurred, we will be able to get your automobile back up and working.

We acknowledge that car maintenance is pretty far down on a list of priorities when up against trying to maintain a healthy professional and social life. That’s why our trusted team of technicians is on hand to help.

Keep reading to discover more about our auto repair services, and how to book yourself in for an appointment with us.



We’ve been serving the good people of New York City since 1972, providing all sorts of auto repair help, from auto body restoration to collision repairs.

At Midtown Center, we pride ourselves on our stellar reputation for customer service and reliable results. There is no job too big or too small, so do not hesitate to contact us for all your car repair needs.

We operate with the latest in automotive technology, which is what enables our trained technicians to operate on virtually any vehicle.

We also carry out New York State car inspections, repair luxury cars, and offer preventative work.

Auto Body Work Repair Services we Offer

Collision repair

Collision Repair

If your vehicle has been significantly damaged in a collision, then bring it down to Midtown Center as soon as possible.

Our company has years of quality experience in collision repair and will be able to make your car feel new, and put it back on the road in the fastest time possible.

If you come to our company after a collision, we will be sure to give all our attention, no matter how long it takes. What’s more, we can point you towards the best insurance companies in the area.


Weather Damage Repair

All vehicles go through a fair amount of wear and tear, but it is important to make sure that even the most minor of damages are repaired before they become serious. Our experts can repair weather damage in order to highly improve the safety standard of your car.

Failing to have weather damage repair could lead to rusting, paint damage, or much worse.

Scratch and Dent Repair

One of the most common repairs that any vehicle will require in its lifetime is scratch and dent repairs.

Whilst you can still drive your vehicle with marks and dents in it, we all like it to look its best, right? If you come down to our repair shop we can sort out detailing issues and make your car feel brand new every time!

Auto Painting

Your car may demand auto painting if it has been subject to a lot of scratches and dents.

We use computer-matched auto painting to bring you the best quality repainting services known. We’ll have your vehicle looking in the best shape it’s been in.

We provide a wide range of color options and deliver paint jobs to all models of cars, including luxury brands.

Why Choose our Auto Body Shop

Here at Midtown Center, we are like a family: our customers come first, and we understand the importance of getting a job completed properly.

There’s no reason to spend hours scouring the internet for body shops in New York that can provide all of the services you need. Instead, save yourself the hassle and check out our auto body repair shop: we will fix up your car to the highest standard possible.

We have years of experience in auto body repair and will make sure that we are here for your needs, 24/7. We have the widest range of auto repair services, from collision repair to 24-hour towing to replacement of car parts.

No matter what has happened to your vehicle, we can ensure that we will get it up and working again. You simply will not come across an auto repair store that operates to as high a standard as ours.

Get the Most Out of Your Quality Auto Body Work Service