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Our auto body repair work is known as the best in New York City. We have sophisticated technology and experience that can handle different types of damages to your car. Regardless if it is a scratch or a damage from a collision, you can guarantee that Midtown Center Auto Repair can make it look brand new again.

We have years of experience in handling different kinds of damages sustained by vehicles. We cover for both light and heavy vehicles of different specifications. We make sure that after we have repaired the vehicle, you can guarantee that it meets the specifications of the manufacturer. This ensures not only the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle but also its safety on the road.

And because of the complexity of modern day car designs and the different extents of damages sustained by vehicles, our auto body repair experts are also knowledgeable of mechanical components and functions.

We have a special area wherein our auto body repair specialist can do the work. We have the necessary tools and equipment that can help make the entire process easy. The work is often divided either as major or minor collision repair.

For major collision repairs, the auto body repair specialist is going to get the vehicle into a body jig. This makes assessment a lot easier. We also have the necessary hydraulic tools that can help reverse the damage.

We perform both repairs and replacement of parts that have been damaged from the collision. After all the corrections were made, that’s when we perform the necessary refinishing with paint to return the car in its best shape.

We are known for providing competitive rates to our clients.

You can guarantee that we can make your car look brand new. And unlike other companies that simply do a great work on your car’s aesthetics, we can ensure you that your car is going to run even better before you encountered the accident.


Using the public road can be a bit problematic since you are dealing with other drivers as well. This only means that there is always the risk of getting your vehicle damaged no matter how defensive you are when driving your own vehicle.

In the US alone, there are over 6 million road accidents. And though you don’t wish to be involved in an accident, it is important that you know exactly what to do when you are already faced with such problem. What should you be doing when you encounter an accident? Here are things that you should follow.

Safety First: First, you always want to secure your safety along with the people (and even pets) that you are with right after the accident. Remember that according to statistics, 33% of the total road accidents in the US involved injuries of people in the vehicle.

You want to know at least basic first aid. If you are not hurt, make sure that you are the first responder to the scene. For instance, if someone is unconscious, make sure that you don’t move the person because there is a chance that the neck is injured. You want to immediately call 9-11 in case someone is injured from the accident.

If there is a threat of your vehicle exploding, it is important that you keep your distance. Make sure that you look at the potential gas spill. This can easily start a fire and even make the car explode. If anyone is trapped, and you have the ability to break the glass to free him or her, you should do so.

Make the necessary documentation: Once everyone is safe, it is a good idea to start doing the necessary documentation. This means that you want to take a photograph of the accident. You will be able to use these images especially when you are already about to make a claim in your insurance company. Take a picture of every angle. This way, the insurance company will have a clear view of what transpired. It is also easier for the police officers to make a report.

Calm down and avoid confrontations with the driver: Even if it is the fault of the other person, it is always a good idea that you control your temper. You want to make sure that you don’t get mad and blame the other person for what happened. If you think that you are the aggrieved party, all you need to do is to file a case.

Exchange information with the driver: You want to make sure that you exchange details with the other party. Whoever is involved in the accident, you need to get their license details and even know if they have insurance.

Call the police: Once the police arrive all of your information will also be taken by the police. If there is a chance that you are going to file a case against the other party, it is a good idea that you use the police report on the particular case. You want to make sure that you get the police report number in order to easily take out the file when you need it.

Get medical attention: You want to make sure that you are going to get medical attention. There are some instances when you want an ambulance to take you to the nearest hospital. This will make sure that any damage sustained during the impact of the accident will be looked into by a professional doctor.

Notifying the insurance company: Of course, you want to make sure that you report the accident to the insurance company. You want to make sure that you know exactly what type of insurance policy you have. If there are injuries, you want to know if the insurance policy has medical insurance as well? Typically, you add extra for the particular medical coverage.

But in order to get the necessary money from the insurance, you will have to document everything. Make sure that you have kept all the medical bills that transpired from the accident. Once you have exhausted the medical coverage on the insurance, you will then make use of the private health insurance as your primary insurer.

You also want to make sure that all the documents of the accident are kept safe.

Make sure that you include a claim number and know the claim adjuster handling the particular case. Make sure that you take into account all the cost that have resulted from the accident.

Get a lawyer: A lot of times, after an accident, you may have to take the fight to court. You will need to make sure that you get someone who is experienced in litigating these types of cases. Make sure that all the evidence have been collected. It is important that you receive legal advice even if you don’t want to take sue the other party. Knowing that you have a lawyer on your side, it is usually enough to intimidate the party that caused the injury to own up to the mistake.

Assess the damage to your vehicle: It is important to know just how badly damaged the vehicle is. Most of the time, some vehicles can be fixed via auto repair shops. On the other hand, there are also instances when the car is a total wreck. For minor to major damages, you will need to know exactly which parts need replacement, and what the cost is.

You also want to make sure that you turn to the right people to get the work done. Often times, you want to look at the number of years that they’ve been in business. You also want to take a closer look at their overall reputation. Do they have superb reviews from other clients? Do they work particularly well on certain clientele such as those that own RVs or large vehicles?

You also want to compare the price of their services. This gives you an idea if they are offering a reasonable price for the services that you are about to get. A reputable auto repair company will most likely have transparency on whatever it is that they are going to conduct on your vehicle. They can even provide you with options.

And why should you pick Midtown Center Auto Repair?

Why Choose Our Auto Body Work Shop: You have to be prepared in dealing with worst case scenarios. And this means that you should know exactly where to turn in case you get in an accident and your car needs some auto body work to be done. For most car owners in Manhattan, they’d usually pick us.

For starters, Midtown Center Auto Repair is the number one company that can respond to both minor and major repairs in Manhattan, NY and other surrounding areas. We also provide Taxi and Limousine Repair In Manhattan NY, 24 hour towing and car maintenance, Oil Change In Manhattan NY, and With our years of experience in the niche, you can guarantee that your car is going to look new again. We have all the necessary tools, not to mention training to bring back damaged cars whether it came from an accident, or you simply scratched your car because you were careless when parking. We take every type of vehicle regardless of the extent of damage that has to be done on the vehicle.


We are proud to say that we have trained and experienced personnel ready to cover for different problems that you get to experience on the road. We have mechanics that can inspect and assess the extent of the damage that your vehicle incurred. You will be given a thorough explanation on which parts need replacement, and even get an accurate idea of the cost of the entire job.

Once the repair started, you can expect only the best work to be applied to your vehicle. You can guarantee that after the work is done, we shall meet the standards set by the manufacturer on your vehicle. This will guarantee not only the aesthetics of your car but also its functionality and safety.

We make sure that the mechanics that we hire are both highly trained and experienced in getting the job done. And every year, we make sure to give training to our personnel. Given the fact that car manufacturers improve their technology, it is only a good idea that we also adapt to these changes. And with the proper training, our mechanics know exactly how to approach even the newest cars that we accept from clients.

And if we encounter difficult problems in repairing your vehicle, you can guarantee that we can provide you with alternative solutions that can make the process faster and easier.

We cater to different types of vehicles

Part of what we do is to offer our services to both owners of private vehicles and those that are running their business. Do you make use of your vehicle as your own home? Or maybe, you are using the vehicle for your business? We are capable of providing superb solutions to both private and commercial vehicles.

For commercial vehicles, we make sure that we address the problem given the fact that your vehicle needs to get back on the road the soonest possible time. We also make sure that we give you an accurate assessment of things that have been damaged on your vehicle. This way, you know exactly what you are paying for.

We have enough space to accommodate you

Another reason to choose us is our space. We have sufficient space and enough manpower to get the job done. We make sure that we can accommodate your concerns.

We have enough tools that can help get the vehicle running especially after an accident. We have tools and enough employees that can get the repairs done on schedule. If your vehicle is helping your business run smoothly, we are the company that you want to contact. We are more than happy to accommodate your business vehicle that was damaged and make it work so you can continue to earn again.

Quality work and solid reputation

If there is anything that we offer to the table, it is our quality work and solid reputation. We became the best-known auto body repair company in Manhattan and in the surrounding areas because of our pursuit towards the perfection of our craft. We make sure to take the work very seriously. We have dedicated years of learning the art and science of fixing the body of different types of vehicles making sure that you get the vehicle in its functional form before the accident.

We never settle

For most companies that have been around in this industry for quite some time, they usually settle. For Midtown Center Auto Repair, things are quite different. We make sure that all of our employees undergo continuous training in order to adapt to new technologies and improve their proficiency in auto body repair.

We are also licensed and certified. We make sure that when you entrust the auto body repair job to us, we see to it that you are not going to be disappointed in any way.

Competitive and reasonable rates

We are also the company that offers reasonable and competitive rates to our clients. With our years of experience, we make sure that our price stays within reasonable means. This way, we allow both private car owners and even small businesses to afford high-quality service even if they don’t have a large budget.

Getting your car working again in its best state even after a major or a minor accident is a possibility. With tour expertise in auto body repair, you can guarantee that your vehicle is in good hands. We are a reputable company trusted by both private car owners and businesses in the area.

We ensure that we give 100% attention to your car regardless of the extent of the damage that it has incurred. We also assess the extent of the damage and give you a transparent quote in order to allow you to make a decision whether or not to have the car repaired or not. But once you decide to have the car fixed in our auto body repair shop, you are guaranteed that we are going to do our best to give you fast and quality work.


Damages on your car can be quite frustrating and sometimes even bothersome. In fact, a lot of factors can contribute to your car’s wear and tear. And if you are paying for the damages that your car incurred, it can even hurt your budget. But does it always have to be that way? With Midtown Center Auto Repair, you don’t have to worry.

If you are going to experience problems with your car, you can guarantee that we have the manpower and equipment to handle your concerns. We have covered both private and commercial vehicles ranging from sedans to buses. We are also knowledgeable of dealing with luxury vehicles. And with our continuous training, you don’t have to worry that we don’t have the necessary knowledge on how to deal with the latest car models. Our mechanics are aware on how to approach both old and new models.

We have a proven track record of fixing cars that have been wrecked during car accidents, cars that have been left mostly outside exposed to the elements, and luxury cars that didn’t age well due to the lack of maintenance.

Reasonable Price

Our company is also accredited by some of the top insurance companies. You can also guarantee that we offer our services within your budget. We offer competitive prices that can help give your car the extended life that it needed.

Aside from offering competitive rates with our service, you can guarantee that we have the sufficient knowledge and experience in handling all sorts of car concerns. Whether it’s a problem regarding your car because of weather damage or minor scratches due to miscalculations while backing up, you can guarantee that the services we offer are definitely reasonable.


You can also make sure that you get peace of mind once you avail of our services. We believe in the quality of our work. We make sure that after we provided the necessary auto body work on your vehicle that you can already hit the road with peace of mind. We make sure to return the vehicle meeting the standards of the manufacturer.

Auto repair after being in a car accident

If you Rent a Car and an Accident Happened

Compared to riding an Uber, or using public transport, one of the easiest ways to get from point A to point B is by renting a car. Renting a car can help give you the mobility that you need especially if you are going to do a lot of things from different locations. But what if you encounter a problem like an accident? What should you do if your rent-a-car was involved in an accident? Here are things that you should be doing.

Frist thing that you should do is to check if anyone inside the vehicle has been injured. If you yourself is injured, it is a good idea that you get medical attention. If someone is severely injured, prepare to do the necessary first aid intervention.

Once everyone is safe, it is a good idea that you take pictures of the incident. Make sure that every angle is covered. This makes sure that everything about the accident is properly documented. This will come in handy especially if there is a need to file an insurance claim.

Next, you want to make sure that you call the authorities. They can make the necessary police report which can then be used as well when it comes to the insurance claim.

Since it is a rented vehicle, you need to know the jargons involved in the insurance world. A lot of people think that they will be compensated by their car insurance company immediately once they encounter an accident riding a rental car. There are instances when it isn’t the case. Make sure that you double check the policy if car rental coverage is excluded.

For instance, collision coverage applies to the damage that you have caused not only on your own vehicle. However, be reminded that it isn’t yours. As for the liability coverage, it pays for the injuries that you have caused during the incident.

Once you rent the vehicle, it is typical that rental car companies will offer a collision damage waiver for an additional charge. This applies to the damage done on the rented car. On the other hand, it won’t provide any help on injuries incurred by people involved in the accident.

Though typically, the rental company is not going to be liable for anything, you also have to take into consideration the fact that they can still be implicated. For instance, if they failed to maintain the car and there is an associated danger to the vehicle, then this is where it can get tricky. If you get yourself involved in this kind of a tricky scenario, it is a good idea that you turn to an attorney with enough experience on the subject matter.

If you ever rent a car, make sure that you always have the right precautions. Keep in mind that no matter how defensive you drive on the road, there is always that chance that you end up in an accident. By knowing the fine details and by always looking at the possible worst case scenarios, you can prevent tricky situations.


Types of Auto body work

One of the things that you have to accept if you want to make sure that your car maximizes its life is to go for an Auto Repair company that can perform a good job in terms of auto body work. Wear and tear can get the best of your vehicle. Whether it’s rust or a bump that damaged your vehicle, you need to find the right company that can handle your concerns.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Here are some of the types of auto body work that Midtown Center Auto Repair provides.

Weather related damage

One of the most common reasons why your car’s body give up is due to the fact that it is dealing with the elements. When your car deals with dust, rain, the hot sun, and the unforgiving weather, you can expect to see damage on your paint. You may even see signs of rust in some parts of the car.

One of the most effective means of fixing weather related problems is by sanding and repainting the area that is affected. But what if rust already made the body in bad shape? That’s when it becomes a bit tricky. The autobody experts will have to cut the affected area and replace it with a new metal. The metal will then be shaped in order to look new.

Scratches on a car

A minor problem that usually becomes a favorite reason to visit an autobody shop is when you are dealing with scratches. Sometimes, scratches are simply inevitable. Though it may not affect the overall function of your car, scratches can become an eye sore to your vehicle. Computer matched auto painting may be necessary in some cases especially if it involves huge scratches.


Dealing with dents can be different from one another. There are dents wherein the paint is not even affected during the accident. For these scenarios, it simply involves tapping the dent from the backside and the car will be good as new. On the other hand, if it also involves some scratches, it may involve repainting. In some occasions though, the entire part that has been affected needs to be replaced by a new one.

Collision damage

A lot of times, you find yourself in an accident. Now, once you find your car damaged, it is crucial that you get your car to us in order to get it to work again. There are damages that not only include dents. There are instances when parts of the car will also be damaged. With the help of a computer aided machine, the frame will be straightened in order to restore the factory back to its pre-damaged state.

It is important that even after the collision, the car is back according to factory’s specifications. It is also imperative to check internal parts that have been damaged severely. It is important that the car is going to operate safe when you use it on the road. With experienced mechanics, it is possible to ensure the safety and the functionality of the vehicle. We have a special team dedicated to collision repair.

Dealing with different degrees of damages

We have provided help to different types of vehicles. Regardless if you are driving an RV, a truck, or a car, we have provided different auto body work for different vehicles. We also dealt with different degrees of damage. If you experienced a collision, we make sure to give you an idea about the extent of the damage. We can provide you with a competitively priced quote and a breakdown of the things that have to be done on your vehicle. This way you know exactly what has to be done on your vehicle.

You will not be surprised when the bill arrives not knowing the proper breakdown. We make sure to give our clients the chance to think of their options. We are confident that with our experience, pricing, and high-quality work, we are the most logical option that you can go for.

We can provide you with a free quote. Feel free to visit the shop or send us a message in the Contact Us page, and we are more than happy to give you the best bang for your buck.


If you find yourself dealing with your car’s body deteriorating because of weather factors, or you encountered an accident on the road, feel free to approach us. A lot of times, car owners ask what types of body damages can we handle? In reality, we cover all sorts of body repair concerns. Whether it’s a dent or a paint job request, we are more than happy to help you get the best services.

We handle both major and minor problems when it comes to auto body repair. With the right tools, equipment, and training for the job, we can address damages of different varieties without a problem.

We handle both minor and major collision damages

We are experienced in helping clients that have encountered both major and minor accidents. We address each work carefully regardless if it requires small or a large amount of work. We guarantee that once it enters our work area, your vehicle is going to get 100% attention.

We also give you enough options especially when we are dealing with complex problems. We make sure to give you all the viable options to ensure that we meet your expectations. Once you bring the vehicle to us, we make sure to give you a transparent evaluation of the damage and the work that has to be done on the vehicle.

Repairing old vehicles

If you have an old car, it is a common scenario that it has signs of wear and tear. Things that can easily damage your car’s body include the elements. Dirt, the sun, and the sudden drop of weather can all lead to damage on your car. It can even cause the body to rust.

Before making a move on your vehicle, we first assess the extent of the damage on the car’s body. We then proceed of looking at the possible areas that can still be saved and those that need to be replaced completely.

We usually take out parts that already have rust. If it has damaged a part of the vehicle, we usually take a piece of metal and turn it back into the shape of the area that has been removed. Once it has been sanded, we then make repaint the area in order to make it look brand new again.

A lot of people who love their old luxury cars ask for our help in restoring these pieces of art. With our knowledgeable and experienced team that can handle both the common to the high-end vehicles, we are the most flexible auto body repair company that you can go for in Manhattan and other surrounding areas.

Dealing with Minor Scratches and Dents

We can also deal with minor scratches on your vehicle. It is a common problem among car owners to notice scratches and dents on their cars. It can be caused by other people or even by other car owners when you parked your car.

If there is a dent, we have skilled experts who can fix the dent from the backside. If the dent caused a significant damage to some parts of the car, we can also do the necessary replacement of this part.

Fix your bumper

One of the most common areas that usually gets damaged is your bumper. The bumper was designed in order to minimize the impact in cases of an accident. With the help of our bumper repair experts, we make sure that both minor and major problems on your bumper can be addressed carefully.

However, it isn’t always an accident that can cause your bumper to fall apart. There are times when wear and tear as well accumulated minor bumps can do a lot of damage to your bumper through the years. If the problem is already quite bad, we are more than qualified to help you have a new bumper.

Roof repair

Your roof protects you from the elements. However, there are a few common scenarios that we usually encounter when it comes to roof repair concerns. Often times, a lot of car owners deal with rust on their car’s roof. This isn’t surprising at all considering the fact that the car is exposed to the elements.

On the other hand, there are also those cases wherein it is the car’s roof interior that needs a bit of help. We also have skilled and experienced personnel that can deal with your car’s roof interior concern.

Chassis repair

Midtown Center Auto Repair also specializes in fixing old chassis. With extensive knowledge on structural repairs, you can guarantee that our technicians can get the job done according to your manufacturer’s standards.

Just how important is the chassis in your car? For one, the crush ability and the stiffness of the structure in your car will dictate when the air bags are going to be deployed. Structural alteration shouldn’t cause the airbag to deploy early or later because this could mean a life and death scenario.

What our chassis repair technicians do is to make sure that we meet the pre-accident crush ability of the vehicle.

Regardless if you are dealing with a serious accident or just a minor scratch, it is always crucial that you get the help of experts in the industry. Our years of repairing vehicles are known in Manhattan and other surrounding areas. We have catered these services for a reasonable price. We also make sure that we offer honest work to our clients. We make sure that our output is going to meet the standards of each respective manufacturer in order to guarantee the safety of our clients.

We are also aware that some cars hold sentimental value to some of our clients. We deal with classic vehicles ranging from 1970s muscle cars to luxury brands that have been passed from one generation to the next.

Midtown Center Auto Repair is the best option that you have regardless of the damage that your vehicle sustained. We can help lessen the wear and tear damage brought by the elements, not to mention deal with the sustained damages after an accident. We also have enough space plus manpower that can take care of your requirements.