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If you’re looking for a local automotive garage that specializes in high-end auto and collision repair, then look no further than Midtown Center Auto Repair. Over four decades we’ve built our auto repair shop to be one of the most respected vehicle repair shops in all of New York.

Whether you’re looking for a full service or an oil change, you can be sure that our experienced technicians will do everything necessary to get your car back to its best. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and will always be a friendly face to turn to if you need any auto repairs.

Below you’ll find information about some of the auto repair services that we offer and how our workshop team operates.


About our Auto Mechanic Services in New York City

Since opening our doors in 1972, our car maintenance shop has served thousands of customers and repaired as many different vehicles. As a locally owned business, we have a great relationship with the local community and love to be able to offer our services to them.

We also have a wider client base that travels from across New York in order to access our expert auto team and state-of-the-art shop. Our repairs are always cost-effective and convenient and we make it our business to keep all our clients regularly updated throughout the process.

Services Provided by our Auto Repair Shop

We offer a wide variety of car repair services ranging from simple tire replacements to full-blown structural repairs. You can guarantee that if you have a problem with your vehicle, then we’ll have a good chance of being able to fix it.

Below are a few of the auto services that we can complete in our shop. This is just a taster though and we’d encourage you to contact our friendly customer service team if you have a specific problem and would like some advice.

Auto Repair

Collision Repair

Unfortunately, New York is notorious for its busy roads and fast-paced attitude. This inevitably leads to some light collisions. We’re able to repair any damage to your bodywork and buff out any marks or scratches.

If your car was involved in a more serious accident, then we will happily take a look at it and let you know exactly what needs to be repaired. Our experienced technicians can perform full structural repairs in our workshop and use the latest equipment to do so.

Our auto body repair team members are experts in the field and have worked with all car makes and models. We work closely with all the major insurance companies and will accept almost all insurance claims.

Body Repair Shop

Transmission Repair

As a car gets older, it is common to see some wear and tear in the transmission. We can repair transmissions from all foreign and domestic brands.

We also have built relationships with local fleet managers and regularly provide maintenance and transmission services for their vehicles. We are always happy to take on new fleet manager clients and have plenty of experience dealing with a group of trucks or cars.

Towing Services

If you’re unfortunate to break down in New York City, then don’t panic! Midtown Center will be able to send a tow truck directly to your location and transfer your car to our auto repair shop to do the necessary repairs.

We are available for towing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so never worry that there won’t be someone available to help you out!

Auto Repair
Oil Change and Ongoing Maintenance

If you want to keep your car in top-notch condition then it’s important to keep up to date with its maintenance. At Midtown Center we can take the work off your hands and ensure that your car is always operating as efficiently as possible.

We always keep records on all the vehicles we work on which our automotive technicians update as we maintain each car.

Why Choose us for Auto Repair in New York

Over the last four decades, we have become one of the most reputable auto repair shops in New York City. The range of services we offer is truly second to none. Whether you need auto body repair or a new chassis, you can always be sure that Midtown Center will make it happen.

Our standing in the local community has allowed us to build fantastic relationships with everyone around us, and anyone who comes to us for help always tries to use us next time they need to get a repair.

Get the Most Out of Your Auto Mechanic Technician