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An auto repair shop in New York can be unreliable and costly.

Ensuring you find one which is reputable and provides quality customer service is vital to make sure that your vehicle gets the best maintenance possible.

Located at 537 West 38th St. in New York, Midtown Center Auto Repair offers a body repair shop for collision damages and an auto care shop for car repair and maintenance.


What NYC Auto Repair Services Work do we Offer?

We provide a range of auto-repair and tire services alongside 24/7 towing and roadside assistance for light, medium, and heavy-duty cars.

No longer do you need to stress about time, our pick-up and drop-offs are assisted by a computerized dispatch and routing system to get a new vehicle to you ASAP.


Car Maintenance

Repairs can be as simple as an oil change, no matter what, maintaining the condition of your car is important. You can save money on gas and, in the long term, resell your car for more.

Our expert mechanics service a range of makes and models of cars, offering a complete inspection to giving you full confidence in the quality of your repair service.

Limousine Repairs

Limousine Repairs

Our repair shop has all the diagnostic and specialty tools required to fix your taxi or limousine.

Our mechanics are all ASE certified, and we offer free loaner cars or a local shuttle service so you can get about your day to day business.

We work with Black Car Rental NYC to rent out Black Cars. If your TLC Black Car needs repair, you can choose to rent one of their TLC black cars.

Engine Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics

The blinking on your dashboard isn’t something that should be ignored. The computer in your car is telling you that there is a problem.

Once this light flashes on your dashboard it’s a good idea to come to an auto repair shop so we can help with all your repair needs.

Midtown Center Auto Repair only employs ASE certified mechanics trained to assist customers with their vehicle repair.

We have provided customers with the best vehicle services from experienced technicians for over 40 years.

Body Work

We cover light and heavy vehicles with different specifications.

Collisions and body repairs can vary in severity, however, our mechanics have the best tools in the business to repair both major and minor damage.

If you’ve got a dent, a scratch, or collision repairs you need to be fixed, our services are here to help you.

Transmission repair

Continuing to drive when you have transmission problems can be dangerous.

If you hear a clunking sound, see oily liquid under your car, or grey smoke coming from your exhaust, it’s a good idea to get your transmission checked.

Low fluid level or another engine part may be the issue, our expert staff will determine the issues and offer the auto repair you need.

Preventative Maintenance

Cars experience wear and tear no matter what. There are ways to prevent and slow some issues, however, to keep your car in good shape for longer.

With our auto service, customers feel confident in the quality of the inspection and work their mechanic has performed on their vehicle.

Wheel Alignment and Tire Repair
Wheel Alignment

If you need a tire alignment, our reliable service is affordable and quick.

It takes just a few minutes for our expert staff to determine whether your vehicle needs service or not.

Checking your suspension, tires, and steering, before performing a road check, you can have faith and trust in the thorough diagnosis our staff offer.

Vehicles We Service in Manhattan, NY

Our New York auto repair shop is there to put the customer and their vehicle first. No matter what you are looking for when it comes to vehicular repair, our family owned and operated business has got you covered. With years of experience in the auto care service and an impeccable work ethic

Private Hire Vehicles
Private Hire Vehicles

Our repair shops have all the specialty tools required and ASE certified mechanics to fix your taxi or limousine.

Luxury Cars

We specialize in high-end auto repair and collision repair work on luxury car brands such as Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Jaguar, Maserati, Mercedes, Porsche, and many other automotive manufacturers.

Commercial Vehicles

Our body repair and auto repairs services are not only available to private car owners but businesses as well so you can keep a fleet of cars in top shape.

Feel Free to Give us a Call. We are one stop Auto Repair shop!