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Cars are without a doubt one of the most reliable things we can own, as long as we are willing to put in the time and effort to treat them well. However, things such as a busy lifestyle or an auto collision in the city can really lower a car’s lifespan. This is why we, the team at Mid Town Center Auto Repair, are the company dedicated to giving your vehicle the care and attention it needs.

Below we have featured a breakdown of some of the most popular repair services we provide and the types of cars we can work on. So whether you are looking for a place to regularly maintain your vehicle or you are in need of immediate repairs and auto services, get in touch with us today.


Quality Auto Services in New York, NY

Auto Repair Services We Provide:


Regular Maintenance

As excepted, one of the most popular services that we provide is regular maintenance for your car. Regularly maintaining your car is vital to ensuring you get top performance, and that your vehicle lasts a lifetime. So Whether that’s changing your oil regularly or maintaining your tires, we are confident that you will struggle to find repair and maintenance quite like ours.



If you have ever had an accident that has left your car unable to function and forced you to be stranded by the road, you know how important a decent towing service is. Our 24-hour roadside access service can be used for all models and brands of cars so you don’t need to remain stranded by the road.

Engine Diagnostics
Engine Diagnostics

When the check engine light pops up, it can be frustrating trying to diagnose the cause. By booking an appointment with us at our auto mechanic shop we can diagnose any engine issues for you in just a few hours.

Bring your vehicle down to our shop during customer business hours or book an appointment through our phone line to get any engine problems diagnosed today!

Bumper Repairs
Bumper Repairs

Collisions and other auto accidents can cause damage to the front and rear bumper of your vehicle. It’s always a good idea to get these fixed or find a replacement as soon as you can to prevent even more damage further down the line.

Minor Dents

Minor dents, whether due to hail or other problems can massively decrease your car’s aesthetic. Spending hours making your ride look like it’s straight of the show floor only for the paintwork to be ruined by hail can be extremely disappointing.

Using a mix of both paintless and painted methods we can remove dents and fix your car’s exterior so you can drive with a clear state of mind. Our dent repair is highly recommended.

Limousine Repairs
Chassis Repairs

Unlike typical aesthetic damages, a broken chassis can massively impact your car’s performance and potentially make it illegal to drive depending on the state. Thanks to our high-quality auto services, you can drive your car out of our repair facility in hours.

Roof Repair

A damaged roof can range from a scratched paint job to potential leaks, so keeping on top of roof repairs is important. Due to the expertise of repair the services we can provide, we can take care of your roof quickly repairing most damage caused in not time

Auto Repair on All Vehicle Types

With years of expertise under our belts and familiarity with a wide variety of different vehicles, our auto repair shop service can offer assistance will all vehicle types. From roadside oil changes to tuning up your suspension, read on to see a rough guide of the most common vehicles we can service within our shop.

Luxury Vehicles
Luxury Vehicles

A luxury car, such as an Audi, requires luxury treatment, which is exactly what we specialize in. We will ensure that any luxury vehicles you own will receive great quality repairs and help that our customers will leave happy.

Fleet Management

Larger vehicles such as trucks still require regular maintenance, for safety and performance reasons. Our shop based in New York, NY will work night and day to offer you any help you need with your fleet management vehicles.

Private Hire Vehicles

Taxis are renowned for being a reliable service, but who can taxi drivers rely on? Our NYC shop has worked with thousands of taxi companies and such customers, s you know the help we can provide is both reliable and of high quality.

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