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If you’re looking for a reliable auto body repair shop in New York, NY, then you’ve come to the right place. At Midtown Center we make it our business to give our customers the best auto repair services in the state and help them get their vehicles back to their best.

If you’ve been involved in a collision or have noticed some damage to your bodywork, then you’re probably wondering how you can get it fixed. Below you’ll find information about some of the services we provide at our shop and how you can book your vehicle into our workshop today.

If you want to ask some more specific questions, don’t be afraid to contact our friendly customer service team.

Body Repair Shop

Why Visit our Auto Body Repair Shop in New York City, NY?

Over the last four decades, we have built a fantastic reputation with customers traveling from across New York to get their vehicles serviced at our shop. This is thanks to the high-quality auto repair services that we offer, from full servicing to oil changes.

Our experienced technicians are experts in their fields and can apply their knowledge to a wide variety of vehicle makes and models. Whether your car is a modern electric or a vintage V8, you can guarantee that we’ll be able to help them reach their potential.

Auto Body Repair Services we Offer

The auto body shop team specializes in bodywork services and can fix any dents, scratches, or marks with ease. We can also repair any more serious structural damage if your car was involved in a more serious accident.

Collision repair

Collision Repairs

In New York City, our collision repair services are truly second to none. We use state-of-the-art equipment to run full investigations on your vehicle’s condition, before repairing any problems that we come across.

Unfortunately, collisions are very common on the busy New York streets. Thankfully though, most cars can be fully repaired at our auto body shop. We work with all the major insurance companies and will accept nearly all insurance claims.

Body Repair Shop

Weather Damage

If your car is starting to show signs of weather damage, then Midtown Center is the perfect place to take it. We’ll reapply any paintwork that has started to corrode or flake, and ensure that the paint job isn’t going to show any more wear and tear for a long time into the future.

If your vehicle has sustained more serious weather damage, such as metal corrosion, then this is also something we can look into.

Dents and Scratches

We can easily make dents and scratches disappear using our advanced equipment. We’ll be able to push out nearly all dents or order new bodywork pieces into the shop for you. We can also buff out most scratches to make your paint job look as good as new.

NYS Inspection

Once we’ve completed any collision repair jobs, we can run a full NYS inspection so that your car is fully qualified to return to the road. We are fully licensed to provide NYS Inspections in New York and are happy to do your regular annual inspection as well.

In New York, it is a legal requirement for all vehicles to undergo a yearly NYS inspection if they want to travel on the state’s roads.


Since 1972 when we opened our doors to the public, we have become one of the most trusted auto repair shops in all of New York. Our regular customers often travel across the state in order to access our state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated technicians.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for collision repair or need a fix following insurance claims, you can guarantee that we’ll be able to get your vehicle back on the road in no time. Our high-quality auto shop has seen thousands of cars come through the doors, and they all leave looking and driving better than ever.

Get the Most Out of Your Auto Body Trained Technicians

Our repair technicians will be happy to help with any queries that you might have about your vehicle. Every repair in our auto body shop is completed using our state-of-the-art equipment that the technicians are all fully trained to operate.

You’ll struggle to find a more dedicated team inside any auto body repair shop in the country!

If you have more questions, be sure to reach out to our customer service team