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Scheduled Maintenance Done Right

Every manufacturer recommends servicing their vehicles at regular intervals. This is scheduled maintenance or preventive maintenance. Such maintenance involves inspecting and servicing your vehicle’s various systems to ensure that they are keeping you safe and working to maximize performance. Preventive maintenance keeps your car working better longer and will save you thousands over its life.

If regular maintenance is not performed, it can compromise the vehicle’s safety and cost you in repairs and lost fuel economy. In the worst case scenario, your warranty claims can be denied, and you can be left holding the bag for any major repairs or system failures. Such major auto work can cost thousands of dollars, and without the warranty in tact you’d have to cover it all.

Don’t let a lack of maintenance cause unnecessary problems for your car. Come to Midtown Center Auto Repair located in Manhattan NY, and let our ASE Certified mechanics handle everything. Our approach to maintenance is one that involves you so that you are a part of the team keeping your car in good shape. By keeping you informed, you can keep an eye on things between appointments. Together, we’ll add miles and time to the life of your car and make sure your money isn’t being spent on repairs that can be avoided. Scheduled maintenance work is affordable, and we know all the recommended service points for your car.