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If you are searching for automotive services in NYC that will ensure that your vehicle is in total working order – look no further than our expert team of dedicated engineers, mechanics, and technicians here at Midtown Center Auto Repairs.

Nobody wants an engine breakdown to slow them down.

One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to ensure that your vehicle receives a regular service or inspection from professionals and mechanics you can trust.

Engine Diagnostics

Car Repair Service in Manhattan NY

Midtown Center Auto Repairs first began serving NYC residents in 1972, and within that time, we’ve repaired all the makes and models of cars you could imagine.

From simple services like an oil change to the most technical repair jobs, our technicians are on-hand to help with any automotive concerns you may have.

Luxury Vehicles

Preventative Maintenance

We’ve serviced countless luxury vehicles from highly respected brands such as Aston Martin, Porsche, and Bentley. Our auto body repair shop is fully equipped to handle these vehicles and our expert mechanics are well known by luxury vehicle owners in the area. In addition to our expertise in luxury vehicle repair, we also specialize in Taxi and Limousine Repair In Manhattan NY in the bustling streets of Manhattan, NY. We understand the unique needs of taxi and limousine operators, from maximizing uptime to ensuring passenger safety. Whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency repairs, you can rely on Midtown Center Auto Repair to keep your fleet running smoothly and efficiently.

Oil Change in Manhattan NY

Oil Changes

It is recommended that you change your automobile’s oil after every few thousand miles of travel to prevent any costly damage to your motor.

At Midtown Center Auto Repairs, our team carries out oil changes daily and has refined the process to allow you to get back on the road as quickly as possible.


Auto Body Repair

Our collision repair technicians here at Midtown Center Auto Repairs have indeed seen it all.

From the smallest of surface scratches to the most significant structural damage caused by an accident or motor mishap – we will work on your car until it is as good as new.

Engine Diagnostics

We also run an extensive engine diagnostics service that will fine-comb through the inside of your engine and restore it to full working order.

Having an expert check over your engine with care can ensure that all systems function as they should be and solve any problems before they become more costly.


As you can imagine, working breaks are one of the most vital functions of any transportation.

By visiting our automotive repair shop, we will ensure that your brakes are functioning as they should be – allowing you peace of mind when driving through the city.

Battery Changes

Changing over your car’s battery every few years can prevent any roadside holdups or embarrassing breakdowns.

At Midtown Center Auto Repairs, our team makes sure that all vehicles they repair are fitted with working batteries, which will keep your transportation functioning.


Each car has four primary filters – each of which acts separately to filter air, fuel, oil, and the cabin.

Over time, these filters can become less active. By having them changed over by our expert team at Midtown Center Auto Repairs, you can address any potential problems before they can develop further.

Exterior and Glass
Exterior & Glass

Our repairs team at Midtown Center Auto Repairs will do all that they can to restore it to full working order if your car’s exterior has become damaged in any way or any glass has smashed.

At Midtown Center Auto Repairs, we never stop working until the whole job is fully complete, aesthetically, and functionally.

Oil Change in Manhattan NY

If automobile fluids are not regularly flushed and swapped out, they can lead to severe and expensive problems.

Typically, it is recommended that you should flush out and change all your vehicle’s fluids every two or three years, depending on the amount that you drive.


Every vehicle which is registered in New York must undertake an annual safety inspection under state laws. When this yearly assessment rolls around, you must ensure it is carried out at a dedicated licensed state inspection site.

Luckily, Midtown Center Auto Repairs offer is such a site that is licensed NYS Car Inspection In Manhattan Ny to inspect all types of vehicles.

Our repair ship team knows precisely what to look for and can make the whole process far more smooth and efficient – getting you back on the road safely as soon as possible.



Your car’s suspension can deteriorate over time – resulting in its handling becoming unsteady or unsafe.

Visiting us at Midtown Center Auto Repairs to have your suspension changed or examined can help prevent accidents before they happen and protect both yourself and others on the road with you.


There is never a convenient time for a tire to burst.

However, alongside offering replacement tires and repairs at our auto repair shops, we also provide 24/7 roadside assistance in the Manhattan area to anyone who may need it.

Why Choose us for your Car Maintenance Needs

At Midtown Center Auto Repairs, we see many problems with cars at our auto repair shop, which could have easily been avoided.

Most auto retailers recommended that you service your transport every few years to ensure it is safe, check for any signs of wear and tear, and optimize your fuel economy.


Our all-encompassing car maintenance service has been designed to cover all aspects of car repair that you may require:

  • Inspecting that all the systems in your car’s interior are in working order.
  • We ensure that no stone goes unturned in the search for any faulty parts.
  • Flexible working hours and appointment times to suit customer’s needs.
  • Extensive facilities within the auto repair shop mean that everything you’ll need is in one place.

Whatever car service you require, we can most certainly be of some help – drop by our repair shop at Midtown Center Auto Repairs today!

Get the Most Out of Your Car Maintenance Technician

Part of what makes our repair shop so successful here at Midtown Center Auto Repairs is that our team feels it is vital that the customer be involved with the repair process.

All of our ASE Certified engineers work closely alongside the customer when carrying out car maintenance and take the time to explain what they are doing as they do it.