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The NYS car inspection thats required by law, is offered by Midtown Center Auto Repair. Our NYS car inspection is done in Long Island City.

All vehicles registered in New York must undergo an annual state safety inspection.

When it’s time for an inspection, you must seek service from a licensed state inspection site. Midtown Center is licensed to conduct New York state inspections for all types of vehicles.

Take some time to learn more about state safety inspections, then contact us. Our team will make sure you stay safe and legal on our state’s roads.

Our NYS car inspection is conveniently located inside our auto repair shop in Long Island City.


Looking for a company that offers NYS car inspection? Midtown Center Auto Repair provides New York State car inspection services in Long Island City, New York.

It is a common practice in New York State to conduct an annual safety inspection on all types of registered vehicles in New York. Midtown Center Auto Repair is a licensed state inspection site that conducts this kind of service to all kinds of vehicles.


There are many reasons why the state of New York is requiring every vehicle to undergo car inspection annually. Among the things checked during the car inspection is the vehicle’s road safety. Not only is this for your own protection, but also for the protection of the public who you share the road with. In addition to safety, it also makes sure that vehicles meet the emission standards.

What exactly happens when you forgot to have a scheduled state inspection on your vehicle? These vehicles are subject to fines. In addition to this, the vehicle won’t be registered and you can receive a parking ticket as well.

In order to avoid problems, it is imperative to go to a company that is licensed to provide state inspection. Once the car has been inspected, make sure to display valid inspection sticker on your vehicle.


There are certain things that need to be checked when your vehicle undergoes inspection. These include the brakes, horn, lights, steering and suspension system, mirrors, windshield, and tires.

When it comes to emission testing, it is a common problem among car owners that their vehicles don’t get a passing mark because of poor maintenance. After performing engine diagnostics NYC, you can also opt to have the car fixed if there’s an emission problem in your vehicle.

Midtown Center Auto Repair can provide you with auto-mechanics that are capable of performing both diagnostics and repairs on both diesel-powered and gasoline-powered vehicles. The company also makes use of the latest technology in order to isolate the problem and make sure that you don’t waste your time and money when it comes to getting the car fixed.


Over the years that we’ve been doing New York State car inspection, we’ve noticed that a lot of car owners tend to forget the small things. It is not enough that you only visit auto repair shops when you need collision repair and body work. It is imperative to also consider visiting Car Maintenance Shop In Long Island City when you need help maintaining the car for the small things such as oil change and minor adjustments.

If you find maintaining your car such a difficult job, let Midtown Center Auto Repair handle these small tasks for you. Whether it’s major body work or just a small tweak in your car, we cover everything from a complicated paint job to Oil Change In Long Island City. With our trained staff and our ability to apply the latest technology, we can make sure that your car is going to run smoothly and you avoid annual car inspection required by the state.


In New York, certain components need to be checked during a state safety inspection.

These include:

  • Brakes
  • Horn
  • Lights (including Brake Lights, Turn Signals, Four Way Signals)
  • Steering and Suspension System and other Major Systems
  • Mirrors
  • Windshield and other Auto Glass
  • Tires

Most vehicles must also undergo an emissions inspection to pass a NY state inspection. Our emissions inspection consists of engine diagnostics and other troubleshooting. It covers diesel-powered vehicles and gasoline-powered vehicles.

You can learn more about NY state inspections on the New York Department of Motor Vehicles website.


Registered drivers in New York must receive yearly state inspections, which includes safety and emissions inspections.

Drivers who forgo state inspections are subject to fines.

Vehicles without up-to-date inspection stickers are subject to parking tickets.

Make sure to get your yearly safety and emissions inspection and to display your valid inspection sticker on your vehicle. Remember that year-round preventive maintenance can help prolong the life of your vehicle while preventing the discovery of necessary repairs during your state inspection.