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MidTown Center Auto Repair services cover automotive concerns of all sizes in NYC. Established in 1972, expect dependable services for all your car’s needs.

We are a licensed repair facility located in Manhattan New York. Midtown Center Auto Repair is one of the most experienced and reliable auto repair companies located in Manhattan, New York. We cover automotive concerns of all sizes whether it’s a simple oil change or damage from an accident requiring collision repair and body work.

Our company has been known in the area for the last four decades as the one of the most knowledgeable experts in providing auto repair for cars including taxis and limousine. We are the trusted auto repair shop when it comes to taxi and limousine repair by some of the best taxi and limo companies that New York can offer.


It is a common problem among car owners to let their car run without proper maintenance. Both the lack of knowledge on the vehicle and hectic schedule tends to get in the way of maintaining the car in its tiptop condition.

To prevent unnecessary damage from taking place, Midtown Center Auto Repair is one of the leading experts that can help you get your car back on the road in its best shape.

Midtown Center Auto Repair specializes in providing preventive work to your car. We provide simple car maintenance services like oil change to tire alignment. By doing so, cars are working properly on the road and this prevents any type of compensation that can further hasten the process of wear and tear. It also gives you peace of mind that your car isn’t going to stall when you needed it the most.


Is your car damaged from an accident? If you worry that your car will not be the same again after the accident, give us a call. With our years of performing collision and body work repair, we can get your car back on the road as if nothing happened.

With our trained staff, you can guarantee that the repair is going to meet the manufacturer’s standards.

We also work hand in hand with some of the most trusted insurance companies including All State, Geico, Travelers, and more.


Annually, all cars registered in New York are required to undergo car inspection. It covers both safety and emission tests. Unfortunately, not all cars meet the standards set by the state of New York.

Midtown Center Auto Repair is a licensed NYS Car Inspection Facility. But aside from a licensed car inspection facility, we can also help your car get ready for the road. With our experts, tools and the latest techniques, we can fix and maintain what needs to be done on your vehicle.


Do you have a luxury car? Perhaps, you are driving a Bentley? Midtown Center Auto Repair has made a name in Manhattan as one of the best auto repair shops that can handle luxury brands ranging from BMW to Mercedes-Benz.