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Your vehicle is engineered to deliver a smooth ride and the front end systems plays an important role. If your car’s front end alignment is off, the car will shake or wobble or pull over to one side. It could lead to lopsided tire wear, damage to the steering and suspension, and also ruin your driving experience. Regular car maintenance keeps the front end properly aligned and in top condition.


It only takes a couple of minutes at Midtown Center Auto Repair for our technicians to establish whether a front end alignment is needed. Our ASE Certified technicians will gauge your steering, suspension and tires, and then conduct a road test before forming a diagnosis of what’s necessary. We can perform a check at a convenient time (during nights or weekends) and can get the alignment done in the same appointment in most cases. Save money on our great service now, and enjoy continued savings at the gas pump.

Why get a tire alignment?

  • proper Front End Alignment is Very Affordable
  • Enjoy More Control and Safety Behind the Wheel
  • Certified Auto Employs ASE Certified Technicians Only
  • We Follow the Motorist Assurance Program’s Uniform Inspection Guidelines
  • we offer this service anytime you need it. That includes, Evenings, & Weekends

Need your tires Repaired or Replaced?

If you need your tires either repaired or replaced, call us at (212) 629-1028). To get more information, click here.


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